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    • 2018
      Launching the mid-range speed printer Mono MFP (3 Models)
March ~ May: Introduce products into Hanhwa Techwin, Woori Bank, IBK Bank, Hanhwa Aeroengine
April: Expanded contract with 3 Partners in HCM
June: Signed a contract with Partner Lotte Rental
    • 2017
      February: Launch of A3 Color MFP (2 Models)
April: Organize MFP/LBP technical training for dealers (2nd time)
May: Launch of 3D Printer (1 Model)
June: Start and deploy business activities in HCM
Second half of the year: Bringing 3D printers to StPaul International School, and MFPs to Aluko Group
Launch of Soluton Wisdom-Compact
    • 2016
      Signed a contract with 18 key Partners (Hanoi)
March: Launched more A3 Mono MFP (2 Models)
May: Launched and opened for sale 1 Model A3 Mono MFP
September: Organize service technical training with MFP/LBP machines for dealers
November: Cooperation with LGD VH (A3 Color MFP and Card Verification Solution)
    • 2015
      December 1: Business license granted
    • 2023
      Ranked 1st in brand power in the Korean industry (office multi-function device sector 12 times in a row, 20 times in total)
    • 2020
      Developed the N620 series of black and white digital multifunction devices
    • 2017
      Development of color digital multi-function printer D300 series
    • 2016
      Establishment of Vietnam sales corporation/Completion of second plant in Hanoi
      Developed black and white digital multifunction printer N410/N610 series
    • 2015
      Hanoi factory operation
    • 2013
      Announcement of new CI, entry into 3D printer market
    • 2012
      Obtained the industry’s first consumer-centered management (CCM) certification
    • 2011
      Announcement of Sindoh Global Design new product (A400/M400/N700 series)
    • 2009
      Digital MFP(‘Russian’ Ser.) production reached 1million units
    • 2007
      Branched out Commercial Digital Printing Business
    • 2006
      Announcement of digital office consulting company
    • 2003
      Suk-Hyung Woo elevated to Chairman
      Established Qingdao factory in China
    • 1997
      Developed the first Korean digital Copier SIGMA7700
    • 1996
      Listed in the stock market
    • 1995
      Exported Plain Paper Copier (IBIS 38 countries, 100K units)
    • 1991
      Korea’s first development of own copier (FT-1000 Ser.)


    • 1988
      Korea’s first development of own facsimile (K-7/10)
    • 1986
      Suk-Hyung Woo appointed as the President
    • 1983
      Suk-Hyung Woo appointed as the President
    • 1982
      Established Research & Development Center
    • 1975
      Produced the first Korean Plain Paper Copier
    • 1973
      Produced and exported of Electric Calculator
    • 1970
      Moved the Headquarter to Seongsu-Dong
    • 1969
      Korea’s first development of own copier (FT-1000 Ser.)
    • 1964
      Produced the first Korean DIAZO Copier
    • 1960
      Established Sindo Trade Co.